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Children's bedrooms

From an undersea world of Dolphins to fairy castles, Martian landscapes or favourite characters from books, TV and film it's up to you!

What I do


All murals are hand painted and airbrushed (using long lasting acrylic paints) and to maintain originality all artworks are different.

I am an experienced air brusher which is a skilled technique that really gives a professional touch to a mural


It will normally take me a week to paint a standard bedroom with a straight forward design.

The room will need prepping, the smoother the walls the better finish (I can work over wallpaper and even bathroom tiles). A standard foundation in emulsion is normally enough.


You can, if you want, prepare the room for me. This basically means clearing as much of the room as you can, painting the walls in a base colour and maybe masking the window frames and radiators. I really don't like charging for this!

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How it works

I come to you for a free no obligation quote, discuss ideas and designs and make some preliminary sketches.

We agree a price and date. I turn up and start painting.

I clean and tidy away after each days work and don't require much apart from the odd cup of tea and a power source.


I am happy to be left alone to paint while you are at work, if you are.


Prices on murals vary due to their complexity and time to paint. Don't worry I can work around your budget. To give an idea I have included below some examples and prices.

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Click on image for more pics & prices...

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In these examples the customer has prepared the room