What I do.

Capturing the personality of your pet is the essence of a truly special portrait.

The process is better for me if I can meet the animals but I do work just from pictures.

When this is the case the original photos have to be of good quality and any insight into their personality is always helpful.

If you don't have pictures and are local to me (I am based in the Cotswolds) I can come and take them for you but that will have to be factored into the quote.

Portraits can be rendered in either pastel, pencil or acrylic (similar to oils but quick drying).

Prices are for unframed. I can however arrange for framing if required.

How it works.

You send me photos, we agree on size,materials and price

I email you a photo of the portrait in progress, at this stage I can make alterations if required.

I then email a finished photo of the artwork, hopefully you like it, then you pay and I post or deliver if possible. Easy.


Prices for commissions vary, you can have a simple sketch or a large canvas in high detail, it's really up to you.


I have included some photos below with prices to give a rough idea. Please click on an image.

Pets 4 Pets 3



Sizes approx,  Small 11" x 8"  Medium 14"x 10"  Large 21" x 14"